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by Peach Hat

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Recorded in Summer of 2016, except "Dreaming" recorded in 2013

All songs were written, produced, and recorded by Peach Hat.


released September 19, 2016

Nathan Boston: Guitar, Bass, Drums/Percussion, Vocals, Various, Mixing

A.J. Boston: Vocals, Keyboards, Various, Mixing

Album recorded by Peach Hat



all rights reserved


Peach Hat Maine

Peach Hat is a musical duo consisting of brothers Nathan and A.J. Boston.

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Track Name: In Your Head
It's all in your head, don't you worry no more
Those things you've seen you've said they won't harm you anymore
Take a lesson from me, take a page, and see
It doesn't matter its all in your head

Time goes and we know we're not all evil
A safe space to hide is a wolve's den inside

Its all in your head

The end will come, then youll find peace of mind
No need to worry about these things that we love
Watch all your surroundings, notice your findings
We will never reach peace.
Track Name: I Don't Know
I like the way you dress, I like it when your hair is a mess
it's no lie I think you're cute
I'm losing my composure, I'm losing my cool
Cause when you're around me girl, I become a fool

And I dont know what to say x2
And I dont know what to say to you

You have such pretty eyes, they always distract
And when they look at me I just dont know how to react

And I dont know what to say x2
And I dont know what to say to you
I just dont know what to say x2
I just dont know what to say to you
Track Name: Dreaming
I'm dreaming of you, I know you dont dream about me
I still have your picture in my guitar case
It seems like such a waste of time

Still, I dream of you
I still dream of you

I still wait for you to call, though I know you never will
You moved on so quickly without looking back
I can tell that you never dreamed of me
You never dreamed of me x3
Track Name: Wake Up My Baby
Wake up my baby it doesnt always have to be so bad, and I know its sad
Wake up my sweetheart, in time you'll understand
And the tears youll cry Ill wipe away with my hand
Track Name: Welcome To The USA
Welcome to the USA
Where life is greed, it’s made us slaves
They want to take our freedoms away
and the media tells us what to say
If you have a mind of your own
You better leave it at home’

La la la la la

It makes me sick, it makes me cry
all of the corruption and the lies
We need to stand up open our eyes
One nation hypnotized
We need to open our eyes

Welcome to the USA
Where crooks run free because of their name
Were always watched by the NSA
To help corporations earn their pay
We make excuses to go to war
To give the rich a little more
We treat our veterans like trash
Ignore them to keep some cash
We exploit our children to sex
To keep them off of our backs

La la la la la